Sunday, January 3, 2016

Texas line dancing literary mentors

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"Texas line dancing literary mentors" - that's not the title of an NYT best seller; it's my experience over the past year, reading book after book that fully engaged my attention, utterly expanded my life & ultimately drew me into some crazy wonderful communal dance.

This posting came to me in a vision of Stephanie Dowrick & Karen Speerstra & Herbert Anderson & Jen Sincero linked arm in arm, doing a high-kicking dance routine, a la the Rockettes.  

When I sat down this morning to write this post, THIS was in my head...

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...but apparently THIS was in my heart!
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Not the precision of the Rockettes - the boisterous bounce of Texas line dancing!

Something they both share - the need for more than one dancer.  While a single ballet dancer can totally wow, it takes at least two Rockettes to take us from "Impressive" to "My gosh, that is awesome!"  Ditto with line dancing - can't be just one, gotta have at least two.

The biggest difference between the two - the combination of time, energy, even setting each requires.  

It takes years of training & competing to become a Rockette, to successfully execute precision drills up on a stage, high up & set apart from the audience.  The opposite of Texas line dancing, which can be picked up in minutes, anyone can join in, and you dance surrounded by admirers.  

My literary mentors of past years are line dancing in my head heart spirit, dancing

with joy, exuberance & kick ass individual style - hair tossed back, face aglow, each well-heeled boot high steppin' with happiness. Precision?  Only in the loosest sense that everyone's doing the same step, but in his or hers or our own way.  It's not about what the audience or admirers experience, but what each dancer feels.  Unlike Texas 2-stepping, the dancers don't touch, but each contributes to the glorious experience of the whole.  

Sounds a lot like life.  We are ultimately on our own, our experience contribution participation contributing to something more, much more.

This time next week, I'll either be getting ready to head home from an awesome weekend workshop at Rowe Conference Center.  Up to this morning, had thought about it as a group of blessed & blissed folk taking a writing workshop (my 1st!) from the beyond-the-beyond Nancy Slonim Aronie.  Now, will be thinking of us all - Nancy, yours truly, my workshop compadres & all my omnipresent literary mentors - joining together in a line dance jam!   

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photo credits:
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5) Big Texas Saloon, Niagara Fall, ONT